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Legal Disclaimer

This web site has been developed in order to provide you, the interested public, with information that will help you become more informed about the exciting, rapidly changing field of cosmetic surgery. A person considering cosmetic surgery should decide what surgery would be best for them after consulting with a knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon. Each patient's needs are unique and the discussion with their surgeon should be relative to their own special situation. The results of each person's surgery will also be unique to him or her.

The information represented here may or may not be indicative of what a particular patient might expect to occur. The material presented is purely educational and not a guarantee of projected results. Indeed, the information obtained from libraries and web sites, including this web site, may not be applicable or accurate for a patient's own particular cosmetic situation.

Arizona Centre Plastic Surgery sincerely hopes that you find these pages helpful in making informed decisions about the potential of cosmetic surgery. We hope you have a beautiful day.

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