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The staff at the Arizona Centre Plastic Surgery realizes that enhancing one's outerself can also enhance one's inner beauty.
Arizona Centre's cosmetic surgeons provide surgical procedures that improve most parts of the body: the nose, brows, eyelids, hair, face, neck, breasts, excess skin, and excess fat are addressed by the most advanced and effective procedures available.
Functional surgery to correct a problem the patient is experiencing is also performed for the area around the eyes and entire face. Such surgery may correct severely drooping brows, lids, tumors, malfunctioning lids, trauma, malpositioned lids, and facial spasms.

Other services offered include wrinkle relaxation, computer imaging of the patient to suggest expectations, and skin care by a skin care clinician. You can learn more about our services by attending one of our seminars.

Cosmetic surgery is prepaid prior to receiving the service. Credit cards are accepted. A financing program has been arranged with a bank. Our office has an expert in financial manners to deal with each individual with respect to the payment for their surgery. This individual can discuss the costs involved including the surgical fee, the surgical facility, and any anesthesia service to be utilized. Frank discussion on these very important matters is encouraged.

We work in affiliation with Arizona Surgical Arts, a medicare approved surgical center located adjacent to our office.

The Surgical Expericence is our virtual trip through what you will experience when you have cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Dryden's and his Staffs' Philosophy
Dr. Dryden is committed to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. His staff, many of whom have had cosmetic surgery, is unique. Each as been carefully selected and trained to be a part of a special team. They are caring, helpful, discrete and highly knowledgeable. Their first concern is always you, the patient, your emotional and physical welfare. As Dr. Dryden combines the best of the old and the best of the cutting-edge new ways to enhance and heal--from hormones and natural vitamins and dietary supplements, new skin-care products, new laser therapies as well as the most safe, effective and innovative surgical techniques-he remains firm in his belief that the patient (with special concerns and hopes) must always be addressed first.

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