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Our Tucson office, which is our primary location, was designed to be very much like a home in its decor. Our goal in designing this building was to make it warm, welcoming, and non-medical in its overall feeling.

When you walk into the light-filled entry and waiting area, you will walk on oriental carpets and sit in large comfortable, beautifully upholstered chairs amongst fine art and flowers.

However, the soothing examination and treatment areas of the office are designed to provide places for discussion as well as treatment appropriate to a medical/cosmetic practice. We encourage you to take a virtual tour of our offices by browsing through The Surgical Experience and then make a personal visit.

A spectacular Tucson sunset The location of our Tucson office is on the East side of Tucson one block north of Speedway Boulevard. If you come from a distance away, there are fine hotels within a very short walking distance and luxury hotels quite close. There are numerous outstanding restaurants, fine shopping, world-renowned museums(Art, photography, "Desert Museum"), and entertainment nearby.

Our Phoenix office is located at 300 East Osborne. This location is three blocks to the east of Central, which is the main north-south street in Phoenix. In this area are many excellent hotels. Phoenix also has many excellent hotels museums, galleries, sport activities, and wonderful shopping.

For a map to our location, visit Our offices are located at:

1241 N. Wilmot
Tucson, AZ 85748
300 East Osborne
Phoenix, AZ

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